“Know Thyself”

45443_154559114558093_4081364_nBarbara Konish is a psychic medium, Reiki master-teacher, non-denominational ordained minister (since 1990 ) and spiritual counselor.

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, with more than  years experience, she has concentrated her dynamic energy in the field of psychic awareness, healing and teaching.

shutterstock_20532Well known throughout New York State and with clients who circle the globe, Barbara is valued for her tremendous insight, thoroughness, compassion, lightheartedness, love and powerful healing abilities.

Barbara’s gift started at eight years old, when she experienced her first clairvoyant vision. Since then, she has refined her gifts and now offers a range of intuitive and healing services.

Part of the International Fire and Ice Circle, and as a dedicated member, her mission is to exemplify the teachings of Angaangaq to help melt the ice in the heart of man.

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